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Shubi Husain Weight Loss Programs

How does the program work…??

Depending on your weight and weight loss requirements, let’s say you’re advised to do the “Gold Program” i.e., the 4 months weight loss program. This program will involve weekly/fortnightly/monthly consultations by sms / text / mail / phone (audio calls) etc and a customized diet plan specifically suiting your lifestyle and eating habits..

During the course of the weight loss program, feedback in the form of your measurements and weight will be asked for and will be carefully monitored. You’ll be also advised on holiday and festival eating, the two most dreaded and tempting times in one’s life. After the 4 months program, your 1 month maintenance program commences automatically. This will make sure you don’t get tempted and slide back into your old habits. And if you’re the kind who travels a lot – you are still not bound by the program. In more or less the same way as explained above, our other Weight Loss Programs will progress.

Why do I join Shubi Husain’s Weight Loss Program?

1. It’s Personalized For You Let us create a customized diet plan especially for you. Just fill out our form and we’ll give you easy-to-follow, desi diet plans for each day that are based on your specific goals, medical conditions and body chemistry.

2. Professional Support When You Need It Shubi Husain and her team of trained Dietitians are ready to answer all of your questions and give you the extra motivation you need. And they’re just a click / call away.

3. Your Privacy Is Important We never share your personal information and identity with anyone. Plus, you can get all the support and information you need from the privacy of your own home.

4. Only The Best Experts Our fitness and nutrition experts have helped many elites, national and international leaders as well as celebrity clients lose weight and get in shape.

5. We Get Results Shubi’s Diet Plans have already been proven on thousands of individuals who joined us worldwide. Let us help you to get to your weight loss goals as well.

So now is the time to put your present image behind and get some spice in your life. It’s time to feel young, fit and lively from within. And you bet, it’ll show… in your smile, through your glowing skin, in the way you’ll walk, talk… and the way people will look at you.

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    SH Weight Loss Programs work like your own private nutritionist to create completely…

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