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Hi Rubi Khan,

This is Shubi here. Trust you are doing great and enjoying life.

Thank you for stopping by and taking our Personal Health Analysis Test. I assure you, you will find this evaluation both interesting and accurate.

As per the data furnished by you, your age is 40 years, height is 1.6 metres and weight is 66 kgs. Your Personal Health Analysis reveals that your Body Mass Index (BMI) stands at 25.78 For your information your are Slightly Overweight category.

You may also like to note that an average Female of your body structure and frame should be ideally 55 kgs +/- tolerances.

Your BMI position vis-a-vis total BMI range
  Underweight   Normal Range
Rubi Khan BMI pointer
  Overweight   Obese

It is good to note Rubi Khan that you have been consciously or unconsciously trying and maintaining your weight fairly well till now. However from your Health Analysis, you are found to be falling in the Slightly Overweight category. Based on the information you have provided, I can say that it is possible for you to reduce a bit and fit back into your Normal (Healthy) weight range category in approximately 05 weeks time. My Weight Loss SILVER Program is therefore the best suited for you.

Shubi Husain

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