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Fill up your few details and let Shubi Husain churn up and tell you whether you are Overweight, Normal or Underweight. If Overweight then how much overweight, slightly or crossing the upper thresholds of Obesity levels 1 or 2. Also get to know what Shubi Husain thinks about your health and weight condition and if at all she recommends you to go in for weight loss. If so, then which weight loss program will be ideal for you, per your lifestyle and eating habits / medical conditions.
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In day to day life too, first and foremost, it needs to be understood that where and what is the problem, before we embark upon solving it. Same goes with your health and your body.

You might be experiencing some bouts of laziness, the feeling to continuously hog on food, the ever increasing craving to eat sweets, slowly accepting that weight gain is a part of my life and why do others have to bother about my weight. All this culminating slowly into you avoiding meeting people, avoiding to go outdoor, unless it becomes imperative. This in turn further fuels the urge to munch and munch while idling at home and this turnsinto a vicious cycle. A cycle that become difficult to curb or break. And slowly but steadily you are on the path of going from slightly overweight to Overweight, then to Obesity Level 1, to Obesity Level 2 and finally to grossly overweight. Thus eventually a point comes when your near and dear ones give up on you. More so even your doctor loses hope as you start visiting him with all possible known diseases from hight blood pressure to diabetes to blocked arteries to arthritis.

Well this can invariably happen with anyone and you arent alone. So dont lose heart but also don't lose time. Get going and first take this FREE Online Health Analysis by renowned Indian nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity Shubi Husain. Once she analyses you and lets you know about which overweight category you fall in, then pay heed to her recommendations. In case she recommends you to go for a particular program, then understand that it's for your own benefit and the old proverb 'Health is Wealth' holds good and so its time to go for the program. No more delaying the same or look for cheaper options against one that has been reliably and effectively run for the past more than 2 decades with lacs of successful and happy clients praising it across the world.

PN: Not recommended for children less than 14 years. Try the Kids Customized Diet Program.

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