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Enhancing Lifestyles and Longevity, Shubi’s motto, is every bit to add healthy and happy years to your precious life. Not only individuals and public, such an approach encompasses brands, businesses and public sector organisations looking for expert help. Innovative consultation and timely advice to the food and nutrition industry helps them in appropriately positioning their products and services in the market

It’s an authentic approach with in depth subject matter expertise and knowledge combined with
decades of knowledge and penetrative reach amongst the masses

Highlights include creating programs for plush hotels, nutrition initiatives for the government and public sector, brands or businesses, advertisement campaigns and a wide array of projects from the food and drink sector.
Shubi Husain regularly becomes the face or brand ambassador delivering the media side of such campaigns where
the brand values are paramount.

In 2003 Shubi Husain set up her chain of weight loss and anti-aging clinics under the name Health Sanctuary, which flourished and grew to be a reliable chain across India.

Shubi Husain, a brand name with an extended group of health, digital and design experts works collaboratively with PR, brand positioning and marketing teams when projects or services are launched or in case events / porgrams demand.

Recent projects include developing innovative new weight loss supplements “HS-Trim” and the Slimming Gel, “Insta-Trim” and bringing to market a coveted Health Drink from a reputed multi-national brand originating from the USA.

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