Diet Plan For Covid Patients & Those Recovering.. by Shubi Husain

Diet Plan For Covid Patients & Those Recovering.. by Shubi Husain

Posted By: Shubi Husain    On: June 7th, 2021

This article has been picked up from one of the videos at Shubi Husain’s Youtube Diet and Nutrition Channel. The text in quotes is the verbatim what I spoke and advised in the video for Covid patients. What to eat and what not to eat is take care of for both who are suffering from covid and those who have already recovered from it. It is common knowledge now that there are extreme complications that a person who is recovering after a bout of covid undergoes. It thus becomes all the more important to pay specific attention to your Diet Plan during this time. This information is being provided FREE for the benefit of public and should not be reproduced or sold in any form whatsoever. Protection under copyright laws apply.

“Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are doing good. As we all know specially I’m talking about India, we are going through very tough times, very-very difficult times from last couple of weeks. During past time so many people have lost their family members, friends and relatives. But, the good news is that things have started getting better, getting under control. Now we can hope that, within few week we all will be back on our normal track soon .

We wish that..we pray that good times will come as soon as possible, and we can hope that things will get better on an increasing rate. And we get back to normal life.

During this time I have received a lot of queries in which people have asked that if we have been cured, then what diet should they take in that recovery phase to help their recovery, what should they eat? and what should not? We will talk about that in this video

However, diet plans depend on Body weight and height, but you will get a rough idea from this sample plan, that which nutrients and what things you have to take. And this will help you in your recovery with your medicines for sure, and what things you have to avoid we’ll also talk on that.

First of all you have to take care of that what food troops nutrients you take in your diet, complex carbohydrate, healthy fats, goods quality of proteins, vitamins and minerals. You can take Oatmeal, Oats, Ragi, etc. as complex carbohydrate.

In Healthy fats you can go with nuts, seeds, olive oil, mustard oil.

For Proteins you can take all kinds of pulses, Soya & nuggets, cheese, milk, Chicken, fish, eggs.

And for Vitamins and Minerals take as much as of all color vegetables and fruits, these are the things you have to take for nutrients more or less.

Now the things which you should avoid, carbohydrates, your refined oil, Saturated fat, alcohol, and caffeine, and you need hydration.

Hydration is the key, drink lots of water. Avoid dehydration, some people lose their sense of smell and taste. These people can take amchoor, You take lime water because vitamin C is needed, which can be found in kiwi, lime, sweet lime, and other Citrus fruits like Oranges, strawberry. You can take this in your diet freely.

But, Junk food, processed food, mutton etc. avoid all these fried things, and avoid sugar too.

Now, I will tell you a sample plan for your Early morning breakfast, mid-morning lunch, evening dinner, post dinner.

This sample can plan, you can take it along with your medicines.

You can start your day with 7-8 Almonds &raisins and afterwards take a lot water. After 15-20 minutes, you can take your breakfast which can be of something made of Ragi, take ragidosa, Vegetable oats , vegetable oatmeal  or you can take orange with oats and nuts.

Now you have to take some good protein as well, like Egg white. If you don’t eat eggs then you can take some pieces of Cheese or Milk with ginger.

Then in mid-morning one citrus fruit or it’s juice form and coconut water.

In Lunch, you take Multigrain chapatti or RagiDosa, pulses with green vegetable and curd is a mandatory. If you feel this is heavy for you, or you have diarrhea, some people complain that in Covid they also face Diarrhea and Nausea, so these people can take soft food like Khichri with Curd and green Vegies, they can take spinach with plain rice, Pulse and curd or Salad.

You can take option you like but, Ragi and Multigrain chapatti is best and any green vegie with it. Palak, Carrot, Peas can also be added, cooked or raw.

Then in evening dinner take a bowl of sprouts, with coconut water. Or take a cup of Neem Tea with ginger, Cloves, Cardamom, Black pepper. Because these spices clear your system from inside and make you feel good.

Now it comes for dinner, Khichri can be eaten, if you don’t like it, then you can go for multigrain chapatti, mix veg and curd. Post dinner, take milk with turmeric and ginger, and drink water in between , lime water, etc  I’m saying it again and again because being hydrated is very important.

And do your Yoga, meditation, etc. be positive, take Medicines on timely basis. I hope if you follow this diet and leave all that stuff which is not good for you like junk food, processed food, alcohol, caffeine etc. then it will help you in recovery. Some people face post covid fatigue, they feel weakness after recovering. They complain that there is no energy in their body, So if you are one of them please take high energy food. You can take banana, any sweet lime, honey with lime, you can take more of nuts, you will an immediate boost in your energy, so this was all if you do you will feel better.

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