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Customized Weight Loss Diet Program (Gold) – by Shubi Husain

Posted By: Simran    On: June 16th, 2020


Customized Weight Loss Diet Program (Gold) |  by Shubi Husain

4 Months Diet Program + 1 Month Maintenance 

Get a Weight Loss Diet Program scientifically customized as per your specific requirements and condition. From DO’s and DONT’s to exactly what suits you and is best for quick weight loss, the Customized Diet Plan takes care of all nitty grittys’ of your daily lifestyle + much more

Backed by 25 years of Weight Loss Expertise & Research


Medical Research Has Turned Up Foods Which, If Customized Into Carefully Crafted Diet Programs By An Expert, Will Helps In Targeted Weight Loss.


Shubi Husain’s Customized Diet Programs (since 1999-2000) help you in doing exactly what is said above. Helps you eat correctly and nutritiously while providing you your targeted weight loss.


As a pioneer in Weight Loss Diet Programs and one of the first few who conceptualized and introduced the Online Diet Programs way back in 1999-2000, Shubi Husain’s Customized Weight Loss Diet Plans (the erstwhile Indiadiets Tailored Diet Plans) are available internationally and are of particular interest to the Desis and the NRI’s, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Nepalis and many others.


   –  Effective, Natural & Healthy with Nil Side Effects
   –  Fully Customized Weight Loss Diet Plan (4 months)
   –  Lose Upto 8-16 Kgs
   –  Duration: 4 months + 1 month maintenance
   –  Personal Dietitian Services on click/call/WA (Unlimited consultation)
   –  Complete Health & Lifestyle Assessment
   –  Daily Nutritional Requirements
   –  02 Tele consultations with Shubi Husain (15 min each)
   –  Regular Feedback & Adjustments
   –  Constant Tele / What’s App / Email Support
   –  Free 1 month Maintenance Plan to ensure you do not put on what you have already shed
   –  Access to recommended literature + Free Ebooks worth $150
   –  Cost in INR: Calculate at 1$=Rs 75
   –  Still Have Queries, Connect with us on What’s App right away. Click Green WA Icon, bottom right

How Shubi’s Weight Loss Program Works?

Shubi Husain's Customized Indian Diet Programs - How It WorksShubi Husain’s Customized Weight Loss Indian Diet Programs – Action Plan
> You make the payment online as per your recommended / chosen weight loss program.(Not knowing your recommended program by Shubi? Well Click here and find it out)
> On payment completion (do not close the browser), you will be automatically directed to a detailed form to take your inputs, that you need to fill and submit for customization of your plan and counseling.
> Subsequently, you will hear from us within 24 hours for payment acknowledgement and contact details of the  Personal Dietitian /Nutritionist  assigned to you to take the program further.

Why Wait?

A carefully crafted Weight Loss Diet Plan (Gold) under Shubi Husain’s supervision and brand, backed by 25 years of research & experience,  just costs you USD 507 only (for 4+1 months).

Considering expenditures that you eventually are to spend to maintain yourself disease free and in good shape, Shubi’s Customized Diet Plan offers the most bang per buck in keeping illnesses away. Plus you get an opportunity to directly consult, one to one, Asias’ top most Indian Nutritionist & Lifestyle Celebrity from safety of your home

The customization takes into account all minor details about you, your lifestyle, eating habits, any disease / illnesses etc. The Diet Plan thus delivered to you will specifically suit your conditions and requirements.

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