Kill All Your Worries, Before Hypertension Kills You

Kill All Your Worries, Before Hypertension Kills You

Posted By: Simran    On: June 12th, 2017

Hypertension is a very common word we hear now and then. Two out of four people are suffering from this disease. Majorly, hypertension is affecting a large group of adults, ageing above 24 years. As we talk about the scientific definition, it is called as a medical condition in which the blood pressure is measured more than 140 over 90 mm Hg. There is a long term force present against the artery walls that further leads to heart related diseases. Usually, there are also chances that the symptoms will not be shown even when the blood pressure reaches the maximum limit. Generally, hypertension is categorized into two basic classes.

  • Primary Hypertension: This is a condition in which the blood pressure increases gradually over the years. The condition can easily be found in the adults with sedentary lifestyles.

  • Secondary Hypertension: The symptoms are generally caused due to an underlying conditions. Those detected with kidney related problems, fatty liver, thyroid problem, alcohol abuse, tumor and sleep apnea; are usually prone to secondary hypertension.

If the conditions get uncontrolled, these will lead to certain kinds of diseases like:

  • – Myocardial infarction
  • – Heart failure
  • – Aneurysm
  • – Heart failure
  • – Metabolic syndrome
  • – Trouble in understanding the things
  • – Narrowed blood vessels in kidneys
  • – Torn blood vessels find inside eye

Shubi Husain, the famous nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity, with passion to fight most health related odds, has been working in this area for more than two decades now.

Shubi cites coming across patients who are often puzzled about this ‘hypertension’ condition and their first and foremost question is, “Why Me?” Their doubt absolutely makes sense, because as per them (patients) they do not take much salt, do proper exercise and do not consume alcohol or other commonly listed things that lead to hypertension. Based on her observations and experience, Shubi Husain ominously labels hypertension as a ‘Silent Killer”.

Shubi’s vast expertise with diets and foods, comes as a great boon to those suffering or recently diagnosed with hypertension. She has crafted a simple idea to deal with it and that is a “Customized Diet plan for Hypertension. Just in case you happen to be getting serious about hypertension, then you might as well go in for a customized diet plan. This will surely bring back your self confidence and reduce the blood pressure levels that you experienced.

While talking to us about her specialized hypertension diet, Shubi Husain agreed to share a few tips and precautions from the Do’s and Dont’s of her Diet Plan. To make your heart healthy, Shubi suggests to make certain changes in your diet plan.

  • – Slash down the sodium amount: Yeah, you heard right. Instead of consuming salt, start using fresh herbs and always read the label if you’re going to buy any canned food. Normally, it is suggested that not more than 2,400 mg of sodium should be taken each day. But, if you are having hypertension, then cut down the count to 1,500 mg or less.

  • – Always opt for fresh food: This is the real matter of concern. Fresh fruits and vegetables should always be present on your plate.

  • – Get stick to regular exercising: Your commitment with the exercises should never be changed. Go for a daily walk, run or ride a bike, you should add an activity plan to your schedule.
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