Having Lost 28 Kgs Weight – Family Vouches For Health Sanctuary’s Weight Loss Commitment

Having Lost 28 Kgs Weight – Family Vouches For Health Sanctuary’s Weight Loss Commitment

Posted By: Team ShubiHusain.com    On: May 29th, 2019

Today Divya and her daughter are a satisfied and happy lot, having achieved a weight loss of 28 kgs together. Registering for Health Sanctuary’s Quick Weight Loss program in February, Divya could manage to lose 10 kgs of weight in less than a month while her daughter Ananya lost a whopping 18 kgs. The family is going gaga about Health Sanctuary and it’s ability to provide what it commits to its clients.

Divya, 45 yrs, an astrologer by profession and her daughter Ananya, were initially sceptical when they visited Health Sanctuary. And Why Not? The mother daughter duo, as they revealed later had spent a fortune on themselves. This was mostly on weight loss, to get that slim, trim and agile figure and looks, even though both of them carried their weights graciously and looked beautiful.



The counseling, as usual, by famous nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity Shubi Husain, was exhaustive and convincing. As Divya brings out, despite her low faith, she tried to give it all a try, once again. Plus the convincing and the confidence of Shubi Husain, already in the field for more than two decades, gave her a feeling of reassurance. Thus Divya booked for 10 kgs weight loss program along with a skin care package for pigmentation removal. Her daughter weight in for weight loss.

As its rightly said, perseverance paid. The slimming manager promptly calculated their BMI’s and customized a weight loss program for them. Both Divya and Ananya, having already had bad experiences at so many places, started their weight loss programs in right earnest. Determination and faith, in the long run paid and the results could be gauged from the positive Health Sanctuary Reviews that both mother and daughter willingly provided.


Not stopping at that, the confidence gained by the family is such that they are now more than determined to follow a regimen that eventually enhances lifestyle and longevity, the mission line that Health Sanctuary has stood for, over the past two decades.

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