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What To Eat In Dinner For Quick Weight Loss – By Shubi Husain

Posted By: Shubi Husain    On: April 1st, 2017

Doctors and Nutritionists often recommend that one should eat less during the night, should eat at least 2 hours before hitting the bed and so on. However everyone forgets to tell what is it that is light and recommended for dinner so as to attain effective weight loss.

Does it imply that dinner should be a skimpy green salad or a choosy continental. Well, here are the 5 foods that you can enjoy at dinner time and simultaneously lose weight as well.

Top 5 healthiest options for Dinner:

– Fish (preferably salmon)
– Green Leafy Vegetables
– Whole Wheat Grains
– Berries with Walnuts
– Dark Chocolate (Unsweetened Cocoa Powder)

1. Salmon:

broiled salmon - food for weight loss

Broiled Salmon with Scallions and Sesame

A great source of omega-3 fatty acids which have been linked to reduce risk of heart disease, depression and cancer. A 3- ounce serving contains 50% of your daily dose of niacin which protects against alzheimers disease and memory loss.

Recommendation: Eat 2 servings of fish per week for a heart healthy benefits

Recipe – Honey Soy Salmon:

– Preheat the broiler and combine ½ tbsp of honey with ½ tsp of soy sauce.
– Season 02 pieces of salmon fillet with salt and pepper and broil it for 5 minutes.
– Drizzle with honey – soy sauce and broil for additional 2 to 5 minutes.
– Serve hot with boiled brown rice.

2. Green Leafy Vegetables:
Green Leafy vegetables

Green Leaf Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are known as super food for a reason that it has got a bit of everything when it comes to nutrients. It is low in calories, high in calcium, vitamin A, c and k.

Recipe – Nutritious Green Stir Fry:

– A Nutritious Green Stir Fry is simple to make if you have a variety of healthy ingredients on hand.
– Add a dazzle of Olive oil to a pot.
– Add spinach, kale, broccoli, red pepper, carrots, green onions, peas, egg plant and tofu (all nutrient dense choices)
– Stir fry all vegetables and tofu until slightly tender
– Add 1 or 2 tsp of soy sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds.
– Serve Hot with brown rice

3. Whole Wheat Grains:
whole wheat grain foods for weight loss

Whole Wheat Grain Foods

4. Berries with Walnuts:
Berries with Walnuts - Foods for weight loss

Berries with Walnuts

Berries are loaded with poly-phenol anti-oxidant, that mops up damage causing free radicals in your body. They also deliver fibre and vitamin C, which are both linked to lower risk of stroke.

Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to improve mood, fight cancer and help reduce cholesterol. The anti-oxidant Melatonin found in walnuts, helps in regulating sleep.

Recommendation: Nibbling on 5 ounces of walnut each week may cut your risk of heart disease to half.



– ½ cup greek yogurt (or normal yogurt without whey)
– 1 cup of berries (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry)
– 1 cup spinach
– 1 tbsp bran
– 4 to 5 walnuts
– Ice cubes as required

– Add yogurt and spinach and blend fully
– Add all different berries, bran and ice cubes to it and blend again until smooth
– Serve immediately

5. Dark Chocolate (Unsweetened Coco Powder)
Dark Chocolate - Unsweetened Choco Powder

Dark Chocolate – Unsweetened Choco Powder

Coco Powder, rich in flavonoids anti-oxidant is shown to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

Recommendation: Just ¼th of an ounce daily can reduce blood pressure.

Recipe – Frozen Banana Slice with Cocoa Powder:

A cup of frozen banana slices with unsweetened cocoa powder sprinkled over the top is a healthier way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

NOTE: Any fruit is a perfect pairing for unsweetened coco powder as the sweet from fruit counters the bitterness from cocoa Even a bowl of raspberries or blueberries can get a sprinkle of cocoa powder for extra deliciousness.

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