Covid19 – Provides A Fillip To The Already Soaring Fitness Craze

Covid19 – Provides A Fillip To The Already Soaring Fitness Craze

Posted By: Simran    On: April 18th, 2020

Though a temporary setback might be felt, but the soaring fitness craze is no more a matter of luxury, rather it’s a necessity. With so much of importance having been given to a person’s immunity and hygiene,  it won’t be a surprise that post covid19 there is bound to be an increasing number of people hitting the gym or taking up other forms of physical activity. 

Greater amount of awareness regarding health has made people know and understand that improving your health conditions will automatically improve the way of your life; how you enjoy your life and for how long. It is for anyone or everyone who wants to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically, by staying healthy and getting into shape irrespective of age, gender or status.

Practically, physical fitness allows you to be more effective at everything, both at work and at home. A full body workout is a great way to release stress, develop a stronger immunity, stay healthy, and live longer. According to Nelson Mandela, “Exercise is the key not only to physical health but to peace of mind”.

As a population, we have accepted the idea that physical perfection is important and see fitness as an integral part of becoming a more complete and healthy person. People are increasingly opting for wellness and fitness choices as a result of which the health and fitness industry is undergoing a boom across the world.

Although the fitness craze is not restricted to any age, the younger generation seems more fascinated with the idea of fitness and looking good. All thanks to the film and television or sports personalities who become the trend setters motivating people and ultimate inspiration for the masses to be active, flaunt a hot physique and be desirably good looking.

However this is not only a reason for achieving fitness, there are other factors involved that have led to this change in attitude of people towards health and fitness. So here’s highlighting the important factors:

  • Growing awareness about health and fitness: Even before Covid19 struck, owing to ever progressing education system and better access to mass media or web information, increasing number of people were taking up their health seriously. Sedentary lifestyle, increasing work pressure and changing eating pattern have all led to develop various chronic illnesses early in life and day by day more number of people are suffering from obesity, muscular and joint pain, diabetes, hypertension, kidney ailments and cardiovascular diseases. Exercise can be a natural cure for all if started early in life. Physical workout increases the cardiovascular fitness, reduces stress, anxiety and depression thereby improving overall health. Also earlier only men were more interested in taking up fitness activities or gymming, but now even women are heading to gym all thanks to better education, liberal mind-set and change in attitude. There has been paradigm shift in perspective of everyone and now exercise and physical fitness is considered a serious affair.


  • Global change:This change of attitude towards fitness has taken a tremendous turn not only in India but globally. People are now willing to adapt to healthy attributes and are making more authentic food choices and learning and trying out the best workout regimes and practices being followed throughout the world. People now have inculcated the habit of reading the nutritional information and purchasing the correct food product.


  • Rise in disposable income: Earlier spending money on fitness and gymming was considered a luxury and only the elite class was supposed to be at its disposal but now it has turned a necessity for a maximum number of city dwellers. Growing urbanization, better standards of living, increasing disposable salary in hand are boosting people to spend more on fitness classes, gyms, equipments, personal trainers and also the healthy food supplements.


  • Age is no bar: Through media or professionals like doctor, we are constantly reminded to be healthy and fit to sustain life a little longer. People from the age of 20 yrs to 60 yrs and beyond must do some sort of exercise to remain fit and active. Even children are not excluded now-a-days since childhood obesity is on rise. Human body at different age has different requirements and ageing is an inevitable part of life but then those who exercise regularly are happier and healthier.


  • Growth of gym culture:Technological developments have made our work very easy be it at work or at home but then it havemade our bodies lazy, overweight and prone to various diseases, leading to increased demand for physical activity. Gym and fitness centres have thus bloomed to a considerable amount. More number of people are now trying to be in shape and healthy by joining gyms.


  • Access to variety of equipment:One of the several reasons or rather advantage of joining gym is the easy accessibility of various equipments. Cardio machines, strength training machines, weights, kick-boxing kits, and various functional training gears like TRX, fit balls, resistant bands, etc. are easily available at gym that fascinates younger generation and attracts many fitness freaks. These equipments are even available for purchase which makes it more convenient to be used at home.


  • Personalised training:Odd working hours, shifting work schedules or irregular routine often becomes a reason for people to skip workout. In such cases personal training comes as a big help for those who are really willing to sweat out. Personal trainers chalk out exercise schedule based on your personal requirements, set timings according to your work hours and makes sure you are sincere in your approach. With people willing to spend a little extra for a personalised training, the career option is flourishing. Personalised training helps to keep up to the target and follow a systematic workout module with advice on techniques and correct equipment and diet.


  • To keep up with the peer pressure or corporate fitness:Fitness though is a necessity of life, many people still do it as a liability to fit into the group or the industry in which they work or be visible in the fancy corporate world. Many a times a lucrative job offer comes your way where the look definitely matters especially if you are finding a niche in media, fashion, tourism or hospitality industry.

Whatever be the reason but it’s proven that more number of people are now taking charge of their health and are ready to give in their sweat to achieve a fitter image. These numbers are only going to zoom past, once the Covid19 pandemic gets over or controlled.

Feeling Healthy & Good about yourself is not a Luxury it’s an Absolute Necessity!


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