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Pregnancy is the most crucial and memorable period in a woman’s life. It’s an experience of a lifetime and so this entire gestation time should be as much comfortable as possible. But being pregnant in hot sweaty summer months is a lot different from the experience of being pregnant in any other time of the year. Along with the stress of growing womb and other complications that pregnancy brings along, sweltering summer conditions increases the dilemma and sufferings especially if you are nearing your due date. Well nothing can come in the way of the happiness that you are about to receive but you can surely lessen your sufferings. Try to indulge yourself in activities that can bring on comfortable changes.

Here are some tips that will help you stay a little cool:

  • – Exercising is always good in pregnancy as it reduces down the risk of complications, so try on swimming as an option. This will keep you cool along with providing fitness.
  • – Wear comfortable summer friendly pregnancy clothes to allow the sweat to evaporate and keep you cool.
  • – Get a beach chair to sit and relax.
  • – Rest in your room with your AC on to avoid the afternoon sun whenever possible. For all those working, have a siesta in your office cabin or lounge. Your boss will not mind, not this time at least.
  • – Go for shopping and movies. Both the activities will divert your mind from the usual aches and pains of pregnancy and always gives contentment to woman universally.
  • – Relish some cold desserts and ice-creams. A yummy break for those off track hunger prangs.
  • – Gift yourself a comfortable beach chair to relax in idle time and plug in some soothing to ears.
  • – Take shower whenever you feel over heated or tired. This will wash off your sweat and fatigue too.
  • – Drink lots of cool plain water and other refreshing drinks like coconut water throughout the day to quench thirst, keep you cool and hydrated in sweaty weather.
  • – Eat nutritious but simple freshly cooked food. Avoid overeating, extra spicy, oily and salty foods. Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies in salads, soups and stews.

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